Monday, February 1, 2010

it's been a minute

it's been almost a week since i've blogged. i had a pretty exciting weekend, so i thought i would just talk about that.

friday night, it snowed. a lot! about 6 inches or so. fortunately, i made it to christophers that night. i went to bed pretty early, probably around 11 3o or so. saturday morning we woke up around 9 30 or so. his grandma made us biscuits and gravy and bacon and sausage. it was delicious! anyways, we ended up going back to bed until about 2! he had a show in mt. sterling that night, so i got up and got ready. here is a silly picture of me before we left. i have no idea where he was, or why i was just taking pictures.

so, we got stuck in his drive way for about 15 minutes before we could get on our way. we finally made it though, and they played good. i was actually really enjoying my time (which i was worried about because i'm not a "party-er"). anyways, there was this skank girl that kept getting her stuff all up on my man and i wasn't real happy about that. and apparently, her boyfriend wasn't either! becasue of that, we ended up leaving and going up to morehead which was about 20 minutes away from where we were. we stayed at christophers friend, aaron & his girlfriend emilys house along with 3 other of our friends. i had a much, much better time there. they drank and we played scrabble and just visited. it was really nice just have a change of scenery. aaron and emily were very hospitable. they fed us pizza when we got there on saturday night and fed us an emerous breakfast that consisted of: eggs, bacon, potatoes, 2 different kind of biscuits and two different kinds of muffins. i'm probably forgetting something too.

anyways, it was fun & i'm leaving out a lot of funny things that happened, but its just too much to blog about and my nails are wet! haha.

we got back to his house yesterday and showered and just chilled out. i actually went to bed around 730 last night. insane, but i didn't sleep much the night before.

i felt like a princess at christophers all weekend. i got some yummy homecooked meals, and i got to take an actual bath. we only have the shower here at kara's and sometimes, it's just nice to have a hot bath.

i suppose that's all i'm going to blog about right now. oh & here's a picture of me and chris in the snow the other night.

one more thing, heres just a silly picture of me. christopher was in the shower last night and i was just being silly with the webcamzor. i think i have too much metal in my face.

loves :)

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