Sunday, May 9, 2010

mini wishlist

so, i haven't posted on here in a minute. there's really never just any time to. but today, i thought i would. mainly because there's so many things that i want to buy, but i'm just too poor right now. so, i thought if i talked about it, then maybe i could get it out of my system....maybe?
none of these items are over priced, or designer. but when you're struggling with money, you can't even buy the cheapest items.

i still haven't got a romper. i've tried a few on, but none really look that good on me. i think i need on like this, with slinkish material.

i die for this dress. i don't know why. there's nothing too special about it, i just really like it.

&this dress. because it's orange and drop waist. drop waist happens to look nice on me.

this dress is just adorbs. thats it.

same with this.


love this top. i like the deets on it.

most pointless post. :)