Saturday, February 13, 2010


kara and i went shopping today. the world must have known that we were out looking for bargains! i got so many great things today, and i'm going to put pictures of all of them up!!

the best were these!! rampage flats! they were originally $39.00 but they were on sale for $6.29! so, kara and i both got every color they had in our size. i mean, really! it doesn't get much better than these cute little dudes.

next, i got this cute little tote at k-mart. i needed a bigger over night bag for whenever i take stuff to get ready for the day at christophers house. i found this at kmart and i thought it was just too cute. especially for $13.99.

next, i got this guy at kmart too. i've been waiting for it to go on sale because nothing at kmart should cost $19.99. finally, it was in my budget for kmart clothes. i think it's super cute, and i needed something a little more casual for weekends and such since i always wear dresses.

this dress is so uber cute i think. i got it at jcpenney for $19.99! i love it so much, i'm probably going to wear it with dark skinny jeans though and some flats. and of course, a cardigan. its a lot shorter than what i expected, but ill probably still wear it to work with leggings and boats.

i love skirts! this wild looking number was at belks on sale for $6 something. i'll probably wear it hight waisted with a vneck thats one of the many colors on this skirt. i love finding items that i can wear all year around, no matter what season it is.

after all the shopping, kara and i decided to go to our favorite little mexican restuarant. i look like a double turd burgler, but whatevers!

this was me yesterday before work. im actually wearing jeans, even though you can't really tell. & yes, i wear this scarf way too freaking much. i have 26 scarves, youd think i could find another one to wear. (on that note, next post is going to be screaming for some organization help!)

this is a picture of kara and i from yesterday. i think we were at a redlight waiting to get to cracker barrel!

enough for now. i'm really, really happy with all of my purchases today. i think now i'mjust going to chill out for a little bit until christopher gets off work. i need to get my things together for his house. i think we're going out to get a bite to eat somewhere for valentine's day. i can't wait to spend our first lovers day together. i love that boy so diggity dang much!

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  1. i totally agree. nothing at k-mart should ever cost $19.99, you double turd burgler.