Monday, February 8, 2010

fried chicken!

mmm, aint nothing like coming home from work and eating a good home cooked meal. kara's in the kitchen as i type cooking me up some fried chicken, baked potatos, and noodles! yummm!

so, we went shopping saturday. after a near death experience. that is no joke! its too much to type but basically, interstates are insanely dangerous and truckers need to get out of the merging lane!
but, i did get 3 new dresses that i love so much.
kara got me my birthday present too. gwen steffani perfume! YES!

chris played a show the other night, it was really fun. i feel like weve spend the entire weekend together and that was really good.

heres some pctures from that night too.

this was me today, i love this dress so much!

i guess this is all i have to say.
i want to go realx, max!

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