Tuesday, January 26, 2010

christophers birthday

today is christophers 24th birthday. last night, he came over to kara's house and hung out for a little bit. i gave him his present and his cupcakes. sadly, i didn't get to make him the ice cream cone cupcakes, or even regular sized cupcakes. turns out, kara and i left the cupcake pan and the cupcake carrier at my dads house. i didn't realize this until after i had already mixed up the cake mix. so, i just made two jumbo sized cupcakes. they didn't turn out cute, or pretty or anything so there's not going to be any pictures of them.

let's see, after we came to his house last night we just hung out for a while and i actually went to bed around 11 30. we woke up around 1 today, got ready and went and picked up his best friend casey. we went to 3 of the bars in town and i was their designated driver. seemed to me that they had an alright time, and i got to get a cherry coke so i was very content. :) here'es two pictures from today. they are from my phone so their not the best in the world. but i think they are precious.

now, i'm just at christophers house. he's watching some tv and i'm doing this.
i have only had this blog for maybe a month or so, and i'm already getting so lazy posting things that maybe someone would actually like to read. but, i did get this blog just for me. just to talk about things that happen in my life and things that make me happy/sad or whatever.
maybe tomorrow i'll post something more meaningful. this is all for today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


this is just a jumbled up post. first, heres a picture of the little butters pup.
he is the most precious pup in the world and i love him more than anything in the world.
just look at how sweet he is!!

also, the show last night went pretty good. i was really excited to see Holy Mountaints play and they did so good. i am proud to call Christopher my boyfriend. here's a crappy picture from last night. :)

also, here's a picture of me and kara from last night. we looked cuter in person than we do here.

i don't have much to blog about today. it's been a pretty lazy day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

its storming out

why in the world is it coming a thunder storm in january?

anyways, i said i would get some pictures of my new piercing, so here they are. not the best in the world but you know how it is.

ok now, you need to here:
that is my boyfriends band. go there, listen.
me and chris have polar opposite taste in music. but for whatever reason, i can get down with this. i don't know if it just has something to do with the fact that hes helping make this music or what. but, when i hear it, it almost takes me to another place. good god, i sound stupid. but anyways.
go listen. and if you have myspace, add them. seriously.
i wanted to post more, but im hungry and need a nap. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

babyloves birthday!

next tuesday is my babyloves 24th birthday. as of right now, we plan on spending the day in the greater lexington area. which i think is a fab idea. i took off work to spend the day with him. i'm really excited to celebrate his birthday together as us being a couple. just as i've been excited to celebrate all of the other special occassions that have took place in the last 9 months. i didn't get him much, just two records (one which he already talked me into giving him, the mut!) and one other little thing. i do plan on making these cupcakes for him though, i'm sure they won't turn out near as lovely. hope he likes them anyways!

i thought i would do another daily outfit. excuse the room and my awkard position. its hard to know where to stand on self timer.

dress: wet seal, $15.oo
cardigan: a little place called, "shop 'til you drop", $3.00
white leggings: TJ Maxx, $5.00
boats: same as the brown in earlier post, steve maddeen but these were a christmas gift.
i did get my septum done today, ill have to post pictures later when i don't look as nasty.
kara as well dyed my hair maroon, but you can't really tell!

that is all!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

itching for thrifting!

so, i've been dying to do some thrifting and thats exactly what i did today. after i finally woke up around 1pm and took chris to get his check and something to eat, and dropped him off with his band mates (they are playing a show out of town today!).

anyways, kara and i went to this new thrift store in town and i found these sweet little vintage boots and they were actually in my size! also, i found this neat, neat train case. i actually didnt' know it's proper name but vintage diva kara mounce told me. i love them both so so much. i already have tons and tons of outfits planned to wear with these cute little boot guys. i'll be sure to put a picture up on here once i wear it. i'm not 100% sure what i'm going to do with the case yet. i have lots of idea. i have so many jewels that i could put in it, but i just kinda like for them to be on display. also, i have about a blue million tights that are just hanging around that i'm thinking about using it for. i don't know yet, i just know that i'm so happy with my finds today. the best part is, it was only $8 for both! got to love thrifting!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new thing

so, the only thing i care about is clothes. clothes, clothes, clothes! i've noticed that a lot of people post pictures on their blog of their daily outfits and where they got each piece from, and how much it cost. i think i'm going to do that. starting with today!

plaid dress-$10.oo, roses. (im pretty sure kentucky is the only place that has one.)
cardi-$7.oo, roses as well.
black leggins-$5.00, TJ maxx
brown boots-$35.ooish, steve madden brand, B&H liquidators. (shoe store in town)
not the best outfit to start out with, but itll do!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wishful thinking.

so, i called about a place for me and chris to live today. its a house, but its made into two apartments. its 400.00 that includes water, sewer, garbage and they take care of the yard work and such. i personally think that it's a really good deal. splitting that between two people will not be bad at all. i am pretty sure i can handle $200.oo. sure, that doesn't include electric and our cable and internet and groceries. anyways, i'm trying not to get my hopes up or anything, but i really, really, really, really, really, really, really want something to work out in my favor. chris and i are supposed to go inside and look at it tomorrow once i get off work. i really hope everything works out for the best.

hopefully some scrabble slam will be going on tomorrow, i haven't got to play it since i got it for christmas. i'm pretty pumped about that too.

the only thing i'm bummed about is not having as much money as i wish i did. don't have very much saved anymore and i have a lot of things that i need/want if i get a place to live.

anyways, bath time. &more wishing that something will come of this place.

Friday, January 8, 2010

angry with mr.snow

im snowed in again, night number two. not that i don't love the snow but i'm over it already. im so used to seeing my boyfriend everynight and sleeping snuggled up in his comfy bed. it's weird that i haven't been able to see him for two entire days due to snow. kara just said, "i wish our boyfriends drove snow mobiles". i could not agree more. alas, they do not and we miss them. anywho, i'm tired of this cold, cruddy, snowy, winter weather. someone take me here:

or buy me one of these houses to live in in san fran. wouldn't that be the life to live?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 months<3

today marks nine months of christopher and i being "boyfriend/girlfriend". honestly, time has gone by so fast its hard to believe. i'm so happy that things have gone so good so far and i can only imagine how much better things will be the more our relationship grows. i love him more than anything in the entire world.

anyways, we've talked and and talked for months about getting our own place to live. unfortunately, nothing has worked out just yet. we're hoping with our tax money we can actually show some action into getting a place. until then, here's some pictures of some living spaces that i would love to be my own. obviously, all of these are unrealistic, but i can dream right?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

first blog entry

so, this is my first post. i just got this little dude because i decided i want to blog my daily life happenings. i had a blog for 4 years while in high school, and i loved blogging about my everyday life. its fun to go back and read the things the happens months and years later. this is basically just for me, and for me only.

this post is just for me to say HEEEEY :)