Monday, January 18, 2010

babyloves birthday!

next tuesday is my babyloves 24th birthday. as of right now, we plan on spending the day in the greater lexington area. which i think is a fab idea. i took off work to spend the day with him. i'm really excited to celebrate his birthday together as us being a couple. just as i've been excited to celebrate all of the other special occassions that have took place in the last 9 months. i didn't get him much, just two records (one which he already talked me into giving him, the mut!) and one other little thing. i do plan on making these cupcakes for him though, i'm sure they won't turn out near as lovely. hope he likes them anyways!

i thought i would do another daily outfit. excuse the room and my awkard position. its hard to know where to stand on self timer.

dress: wet seal, $15.oo
cardigan: a little place called, "shop 'til you drop", $3.00
white leggings: TJ Maxx, $5.00
boats: same as the brown in earlier post, steve maddeen but these were a christmas gift.
i did get my septum done today, ill have to post pictures later when i don't look as nasty.
kara as well dyed my hair maroon, but you can't really tell!

that is all!!!


  1. excuse the room!?@ i guess my filthy yarn wall isn't good enough for you! you brat!

  2. aww, i think those cupcakes would be cute, i love baking for my hunny!!

    and i like wetseal, but gosh sometimes they dont carry my size in the things i like so that kinda irkes me =/