Sunday, May 9, 2010

mini wishlist

so, i haven't posted on here in a minute. there's really never just any time to. but today, i thought i would. mainly because there's so many things that i want to buy, but i'm just too poor right now. so, i thought if i talked about it, then maybe i could get it out of my system....maybe?
none of these items are over priced, or designer. but when you're struggling with money, you can't even buy the cheapest items.

i still haven't got a romper. i've tried a few on, but none really look that good on me. i think i need on like this, with slinkish material.

i die for this dress. i don't know why. there's nothing too special about it, i just really like it.

&this dress. because it's orange and drop waist. drop waist happens to look nice on me.

this dress is just adorbs. thats it.

same with this.


love this top. i like the deets on it.

most pointless post. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


so ok, my brain has recently been corrupted with the thoughts of purchasing a romper. honestly, it's all i think about 24/7. & i can assure you it's all that i'll think about until i get one. since i love them & celebs so much, i thought id find some pictures of some pretty celebs & some cute rompers!

katy perry's romper is a little more wild than i can wear as an everyday outfit, but cute none the less.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

short post/pictures!

shew, long long long time since i posted! so much has happened that i honestly, HONESTLY cannot even begin to type it all.

first things first, i turned 21 since i last posted.
this was my birthday cake from my daddy & rhonda!

boy was it delicious!!

this was me the morning of my birthday. yes, it snowed AGAIN!

this is me & babylove at my daddys house on my birthday.

2nd off, WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! we've been living here for a month now. its amazing. i couldn' feel anymore at home. my own room, my own bathroom, my own kitchen. & let me tell you, i'm burning this kitchen up! making dinner almost everynight. it's amazing, and i couldn't be happier at this time in my life.

this was me on the morning we took all of our money to the bank to get the house. chris&i thought it would be funny to take a picture life this because neither of us have ever had that much money. BTW, i am the nastiest here.

unfortunately, i have NO pictures of our house on here. it seems like i have so many other things that i want/need to do than get on the internet. hints why i haven't posted in over a month!

thirdly, SPRING IS HERE!!! this is a picture of me and kara last weekend before a good day of running around and thrifting. we are standing on OUR porch. :)

this picture is actually from today. we were just sitting in my car waiting on time for kara to go into work. i think we look pretty daggum cute.

mmmkay, so living with christopher has made me realize even more how much i love the little rascal. i enjoy sleeping together in OUR bed every night. not that this is anything out of the usual because i slept at his house everynight before we got this house. but, i don't have to worry about geting up and leaving and going to another house to get ready. anyways, waking up to his sweet little sleepy face everyday is wonderful. he is truely my love, my happiness & my universe. i love washing his dirty clothes, cooking him dinner and just being with him in our house. its a great feeling & i hope that it stays this way forever. i couldnt imagine my life without him right now. its almost insane to think that in about 2 weeks, we will have been together for a solid year. honestly, the best year of my entire life. i feel like this past year has flown by & i have grew & learned so much about myself. i really owe a lot of that to christopher. anyways, like i said, living with him has made me fall even more in love with him. he snuggles with me & tucks me in at night, puts in a good record for me to fall asleep to. its perfect & i love every second of it. even when we annoy each other. :) so, this last part of my post is going to be lovely.

this is a picture of us from just a little while ago. we are sitting in OUR kitchen.

so, one night he stayed up & did all these sweet little things for me. like, left me a nice card on m bed when i woke up. telling me how much he loved me & it was completely sweet. it really made my day start out great. then, i open up my laptop to find this as my background:

haha, he cracks me up.

these are just some pictures that i love that involve love. as you can tell, i'm in a very LOVEY mood tonight.

from one of my all time favorite movies, my girl. so precious.

the rest are just cute little things that made my heart smile.

ok, that's all i got. i hope to make another post before another month goes by!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

has it really been this long?

since ive posted? this week went by entirely fast.

some good news though. if everything goes as hoped, kara, christopher & myself will be moving into a nice house this week. we actually kinda lucked out on this. christophers mom just moved out of the house and its benefitting us quiet well. i don't want to get my hopes up, but i have. i have already packed up a few things of mine at karas, and kara and i have been thrifting like crazy. for things that we need of course. i'm excited, and i hope, hope, hope everything works out. chris promised me that we would have a place to live by my birthday, which is in 5 days, BTW. and i hope we do. that would be the best birthday present i could ask for.

im ready to have my own room again. my own closet and to get all of my bras & panties out of zebra print suitcase & into a lingerie chest. its just going to be really amazing living with the two most important people in my life.

anyways, mom, me and kara went out today to celebrate my birthday. my mom took us out for lunch and then we went to goodwill and to a vendors mall. she bought me an afghan and some other little things. this is me from today. i felt sassy for once, and it was a really nice feeling.

note: you can FINALLY tell that my hair is dyed, thanks to the beautiful sun. it was so wonderful out today.

karas photography skills, ha. i love my betsey johnson sunglasses SO MUCH!

we are funny.

of course, my moms dang ol dog has to go everywhere with her. so, when i got in the car smoochie started giving me kissies. she is the most precious.

&apparently, something was humorous to me and my mom. i'm not sure what though. haha.

it snowed again most of the week. this was a picture from i think wednesday. this is one of my favorite dresses. i forgot i had it though. i was surely glad when i saw it hanging up the other day.
im just going to relax a little until i hear from chris to go to his house..
keep your fingers crossed that everything works out with this house!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

oh valentine's day

i hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day. i know i did. i have such a wonderful, beautiful boyfriend. & because of that, i got him these for valentines day:

he seemed to really love them. & i happen to think they are most adorbs.

he woke me up around 10 30 yesterday morning with these beautiful flowers:

he did such a good job picking them out. and he knew that i wanted daisies. he also "helped" his grandma fix a delicious breakfast. we had biscuits and gravy, fried eggs and country ham! it was so delicious! & since i went to sleep at 8am, after i ate breakfast i went back to sleep until about 4. then i got up and got ready and we went to the pub for some dinner. i was glad because we got there the same time as kara and nathan and we all sat together. nothin' better on valentines day than your boyfriend & best friend. here's a picture of us before we went and ate. i look like a grease dog!

anyways, this is a picture of me today. i have on a cute polka dot dress from rue21. i wish you could see it because its super cute.

also, you know it friggin' snowed again today!!! i couldn't believe it. when i left christophers, the roads were solid ice! i was scared to death to drive in it. but i made it to my location safely. here's a picture of me in the snow. the wind was blowing my hair so i was trying to keep them in place, i wasn't realy saluting :P

now, i just ate some chilli and i'm going to go find me some type of treat somewhere!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


kara and i went shopping today. the world must have known that we were out looking for bargains! i got so many great things today, and i'm going to put pictures of all of them up!!

the best were these!! rampage flats! they were originally $39.00 but they were on sale for $6.29! so, kara and i both got every color they had in our size. i mean, really! it doesn't get much better than these cute little dudes.

next, i got this cute little tote at k-mart. i needed a bigger over night bag for whenever i take stuff to get ready for the day at christophers house. i found this at kmart and i thought it was just too cute. especially for $13.99.

next, i got this guy at kmart too. i've been waiting for it to go on sale because nothing at kmart should cost $19.99. finally, it was in my budget for kmart clothes. i think it's super cute, and i needed something a little more casual for weekends and such since i always wear dresses.

this dress is so uber cute i think. i got it at jcpenney for $19.99! i love it so much, i'm probably going to wear it with dark skinny jeans though and some flats. and of course, a cardigan. its a lot shorter than what i expected, but ill probably still wear it to work with leggings and boats.

i love skirts! this wild looking number was at belks on sale for $6 something. i'll probably wear it hight waisted with a vneck thats one of the many colors on this skirt. i love finding items that i can wear all year around, no matter what season it is.

after all the shopping, kara and i decided to go to our favorite little mexican restuarant. i look like a double turd burgler, but whatevers!

this was me yesterday before work. im actually wearing jeans, even though you can't really tell. & yes, i wear this scarf way too freaking much. i have 26 scarves, youd think i could find another one to wear. (on that note, next post is going to be screaming for some organization help!)

this is a picture of kara and i from yesterday. i think we were at a redlight waiting to get to cracker barrel!

enough for now. i'm really, really happy with all of my purchases today. i think now i'mjust going to chill out for a little bit until christopher gets off work. i need to get my things together for his house. i think we're going out to get a bite to eat somewhere for valentine's day. i can't wait to spend our first lovers day together. i love that boy so diggity dang much!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


this is going to be a super short post.
everything in the entire world is annoying me right now.
every. single. thing.

also, i'm not sure about this whole blogging thing. i don't really have the time to do it that much.

on to pictures.
it snowed this week. this is a stupid picture, but you can see the snow.

this is a new dress i got this past weekend at rue21. you can't see much of it but it's cute.
the scarf came from catos, for 9.99 and the cardigan from kmart. i think it was 8 some odd dollars.

i'm not sure what day this was, but i had a lot of hearts on.
my cardigan has pink hearts on it. i got it at goodwill, and the scarf i got from MARK by avon.

project runway is on. 'nuff said :)