Monday, February 15, 2010

oh valentine's day

i hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day. i know i did. i have such a wonderful, beautiful boyfriend. & because of that, i got him these for valentines day:

he seemed to really love them. & i happen to think they are most adorbs.

he woke me up around 10 30 yesterday morning with these beautiful flowers:

he did such a good job picking them out. and he knew that i wanted daisies. he also "helped" his grandma fix a delicious breakfast. we had biscuits and gravy, fried eggs and country ham! it was so delicious! & since i went to sleep at 8am, after i ate breakfast i went back to sleep until about 4. then i got up and got ready and we went to the pub for some dinner. i was glad because we got there the same time as kara and nathan and we all sat together. nothin' better on valentines day than your boyfriend & best friend. here's a picture of us before we went and ate. i look like a grease dog!

anyways, this is a picture of me today. i have on a cute polka dot dress from rue21. i wish you could see it because its super cute.

also, you know it friggin' snowed again today!!! i couldn't believe it. when i left christophers, the roads were solid ice! i was scared to death to drive in it. but i made it to my location safely. here's a picture of me in the snow. the wind was blowing my hair so i was trying to keep them in place, i wasn't realy saluting :P

now, i just ate some chilli and i'm going to go find me some type of treat somewhere!!

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  1. those flowers are so pretty! i think i might go buy myself a boquet.
    Also, you better remember to submit that photo of chris to the tom's website! he's such a little hispter!