Tuesday, March 30, 2010


so ok, my brain has recently been corrupted with the thoughts of purchasing a romper. honestly, it's all i think about 24/7. & i can assure you it's all that i'll think about until i get one. since i love them & celebs so much, i thought id find some pictures of some pretty celebs & some cute rompers!

katy perry's romper is a little more wild than i can wear as an everyday outfit, but cute none the less.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

short post/pictures!

shew, long long long time since i posted! so much has happened that i honestly, HONESTLY cannot even begin to type it all.

first things first, i turned 21 since i last posted.
this was my birthday cake from my daddy & rhonda!

boy was it delicious!!

this was me the morning of my birthday. yes, it snowed AGAIN!

this is me & babylove at my daddys house on my birthday.

2nd off, WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! we've been living here for a month now. its amazing. i couldn' feel anymore at home. my own room, my own bathroom, my own kitchen. & let me tell you, i'm burning this kitchen up! making dinner almost everynight. it's amazing, and i couldn't be happier at this time in my life.

this was me on the morning we took all of our money to the bank to get the house. chris&i thought it would be funny to take a picture life this because neither of us have ever had that much money. BTW, i am the nastiest here.

unfortunately, i have NO pictures of our house on here. it seems like i have so many other things that i want/need to do than get on the internet. hints why i haven't posted in over a month!

thirdly, SPRING IS HERE!!! this is a picture of me and kara last weekend before a good day of running around and thrifting. we are standing on OUR porch. :)

this picture is actually from today. we were just sitting in my car waiting on time for kara to go into work. i think we look pretty daggum cute.

mmmkay, so living with christopher has made me realize even more how much i love the little rascal. i enjoy sleeping together in OUR bed every night. not that this is anything out of the usual because i slept at his house everynight before we got this house. but, i don't have to worry about geting up and leaving and going to another house to get ready. anyways, waking up to his sweet little sleepy face everyday is wonderful. he is truely my love, my happiness & my universe. i love washing his dirty clothes, cooking him dinner and just being with him in our house. its a great feeling & i hope that it stays this way forever. i couldnt imagine my life without him right now. its almost insane to think that in about 2 weeks, we will have been together for a solid year. honestly, the best year of my entire life. i feel like this past year has flown by & i have grew & learned so much about myself. i really owe a lot of that to christopher. anyways, like i said, living with him has made me fall even more in love with him. he snuggles with me & tucks me in at night, puts in a good record for me to fall asleep to. its perfect & i love every second of it. even when we annoy each other. :) so, this last part of my post is going to be lovely.

this is a picture of us from just a little while ago. we are sitting in OUR kitchen.

so, one night he stayed up & did all these sweet little things for me. like, left me a nice card on m bed when i woke up. telling me how much he loved me & it was completely sweet. it really made my day start out great. then, i open up my laptop to find this as my background:

haha, he cracks me up.

these are just some pictures that i love that involve love. as you can tell, i'm in a very LOVEY mood tonight.

from one of my all time favorite movies, my girl. so precious.

the rest are just cute little things that made my heart smile.

ok, that's all i got. i hope to make another post before another month goes by!!