Thursday, February 4, 2010

some pictures

i'm so awful at this whole blog thing. blogging was a lot easier when i was in highs school and all i had to do after i got home at 345pm was rummage around on the computer and talk about my day. i just stayed at home from the time i got home from school until i went to bed. seems like when i get home, i don't stay home.

anyways, so i feel like this week i have been working my buns off! my routine is getting so tiring. its the same thing day in and day out. i need a change of scenery for longer than a day.

my 21st birthday is in 21 days. i'm pretty excited, but it's not really going to be any big deal. i just think all birthdays are exciting!!

i just ordered christophers valentines day present. i got him an olive colored pair of TOMS. i love that little rascal to death.
speaking of that rascal, his band uploaded a new song today to their myspace. which means, you should go listen.

ok, now ive been wearing my hair curly all week. it looks like worms. but, whatever. its less i have to wash it when i wear it this way.
i thought id post some pictures of me from this week, just because.

i got the dress im wearing here at goodwill yesterday. i think its pretty cute. i wear 4 inch wedge heels with it and my feet are aching!! its been a minute since i've had heels on.

here you can really tell that i have worms for hair. i look skanky because my alarm didn't go off and i left from christophers 30 minutes late. needless to say, i had to rush and get ready and get on over to work.

this was my favortie outfit of the week. my lovely boyfriend told me that i looked like a pilgrim though, so then i didn't really like it as much.

i don't really know what else to say. other than im tired, and i'm going to go pick out an outfit to wear tomorrow. something red, it's heart disease awareness day. my bffe has a heart disease, got to support her!
loves :)
ps. my bffe got me a sweeet suitcase tonight at a thrift store. pictures sometime!!

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  1. your bffe must be some kind of awesome lady!
    i wish you would have listed all the deets about your outfits.