Saturday, February 20, 2010

has it really been this long?

since ive posted? this week went by entirely fast.

some good news though. if everything goes as hoped, kara, christopher & myself will be moving into a nice house this week. we actually kinda lucked out on this. christophers mom just moved out of the house and its benefitting us quiet well. i don't want to get my hopes up, but i have. i have already packed up a few things of mine at karas, and kara and i have been thrifting like crazy. for things that we need of course. i'm excited, and i hope, hope, hope everything works out. chris promised me that we would have a place to live by my birthday, which is in 5 days, BTW. and i hope we do. that would be the best birthday present i could ask for.

im ready to have my own room again. my own closet and to get all of my bras & panties out of zebra print suitcase & into a lingerie chest. its just going to be really amazing living with the two most important people in my life.

anyways, mom, me and kara went out today to celebrate my birthday. my mom took us out for lunch and then we went to goodwill and to a vendors mall. she bought me an afghan and some other little things. this is me from today. i felt sassy for once, and it was a really nice feeling.

note: you can FINALLY tell that my hair is dyed, thanks to the beautiful sun. it was so wonderful out today.

karas photography skills, ha. i love my betsey johnson sunglasses SO MUCH!

we are funny.

of course, my moms dang ol dog has to go everywhere with her. so, when i got in the car smoochie started giving me kissies. she is the most precious.

&apparently, something was humorous to me and my mom. i'm not sure what though. haha.

it snowed again most of the week. this was a picture from i think wednesday. this is one of my favorite dresses. i forgot i had it though. i was surely glad when i saw it hanging up the other day.
im just going to relax a little until i hear from chris to go to his house..
keep your fingers crossed that everything works out with this house!!!

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