Tuesday, January 26, 2010

christophers birthday

today is christophers 24th birthday. last night, he came over to kara's house and hung out for a little bit. i gave him his present and his cupcakes. sadly, i didn't get to make him the ice cream cone cupcakes, or even regular sized cupcakes. turns out, kara and i left the cupcake pan and the cupcake carrier at my dads house. i didn't realize this until after i had already mixed up the cake mix. so, i just made two jumbo sized cupcakes. they didn't turn out cute, or pretty or anything so there's not going to be any pictures of them.

let's see, after we came to his house last night we just hung out for a while and i actually went to bed around 11 30. we woke up around 1 today, got ready and went and picked up his best friend casey. we went to 3 of the bars in town and i was their designated driver. seemed to me that they had an alright time, and i got to get a cherry coke so i was very content. :) here'es two pictures from today. they are from my phone so their not the best in the world. but i think they are precious.

now, i'm just at christophers house. he's watching some tv and i'm doing this.
i have only had this blog for maybe a month or so, and i'm already getting so lazy posting things that maybe someone would actually like to read. but, i did get this blog just for me. just to talk about things that happen in my life and things that make me happy/sad or whatever.
maybe tomorrow i'll post something more meaningful. this is all for today.

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  1. chrissy does look cute in that hat. too bad i'm a terrible indian giver. hope he's not too mad!