Thursday, January 21, 2010

its storming out

why in the world is it coming a thunder storm in january?

anyways, i said i would get some pictures of my new piercing, so here they are. not the best in the world but you know how it is.

ok now, you need to here:
that is my boyfriends band. go there, listen.
me and chris have polar opposite taste in music. but for whatever reason, i can get down with this. i don't know if it just has something to do with the fact that hes helping make this music or what. but, when i hear it, it almost takes me to another place. good god, i sound stupid. but anyways.
go listen. and if you have myspace, add them. seriously.
i wanted to post more, but im hungry and need a nap. :)


  1. ooh, you got your septum pierced?!
    how did you find it? i always thought it wasnt as bad as people make out!

  2. holy mountains, shmoly shmountains.

    love that new septum rang.

  3. the spetum hurt insanely bad. i actually had to get it done twice because it was crooked the first round. & its still hurting!!

  4. and that is exaclty what music is supposed to do to you if it is good. =]