Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wishful thinking.

so, i called about a place for me and chris to live today. its a house, but its made into two apartments. its 400.00 that includes water, sewer, garbage and they take care of the yard work and such. i personally think that it's a really good deal. splitting that between two people will not be bad at all. i am pretty sure i can handle $200.oo. sure, that doesn't include electric and our cable and internet and groceries. anyways, i'm trying not to get my hopes up or anything, but i really, really, really, really, really, really, really want something to work out in my favor. chris and i are supposed to go inside and look at it tomorrow once i get off work. i really hope everything works out for the best.

hopefully some scrabble slam will be going on tomorrow, i haven't got to play it since i got it for christmas. i'm pretty pumped about that too.

the only thing i'm bummed about is not having as much money as i wish i did. don't have very much saved anymore and i have a lot of things that i need/want if i get a place to live.

anyways, bath time. &more wishing that something will come of this place.

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