Saturday, January 16, 2010

itching for thrifting!

so, i've been dying to do some thrifting and thats exactly what i did today. after i finally woke up around 1pm and took chris to get his check and something to eat, and dropped him off with his band mates (they are playing a show out of town today!).

anyways, kara and i went to this new thrift store in town and i found these sweet little vintage boots and they were actually in my size! also, i found this neat, neat train case. i actually didnt' know it's proper name but vintage diva kara mounce told me. i love them both so so much. i already have tons and tons of outfits planned to wear with these cute little boot guys. i'll be sure to put a picture up on here once i wear it. i'm not 100% sure what i'm going to do with the case yet. i have lots of idea. i have so many jewels that i could put in it, but i just kinda like for them to be on display. also, i have about a blue million tights that are just hanging around that i'm thinking about using it for. i don't know yet, i just know that i'm so happy with my finds today. the best part is, it was only $8 for both! got to love thrifting!!

1 comment:

  1. looooooves it. that was such a good find. and i especially love how my room looks really adorable in this photo! high five!